New Kylie Lip Kits

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Vintage Flowers Beauty Lipsticks

Besame Lipsticks

I have featured new lipsticks from Besame Cosmetics. I am so excited to have these items featured in my store. All of these shades are vintage styles worn in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The colors are rich and highly pigmented. Where these lipsticks every single day. Click here to get your new favorite lipstick.

MAC Collection: Ariana Grande Viva Glam

I am in love with the new VIVA Glam collection by MAC. The colors in this collection are stunning and glamorous. The lipstick and the lipglass are excellent colors to add to your MAC collection. This collection is sure to be successful one. Ariana Grande is definitely doing her thing!

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Spring Time Makeup

One of my favorite colors for makeup is pink. Any pink product will automatically be added to my personal makeup collection. MAC Cosmetics released a new line of make called Flamingo Park which contains a collections pink makeup products sold at MAC. The collection is inspired by pink flamingo designed by artist Don Featherstone. Flamingos are stables in the American culture in the 1960’s. You could drive down any suburban neighborhood and see a flamingo posted in someone’s yard. The product line is a tribute to Don Featherstone who past away earlier this year. The product in this collection are absolutely gorgeous. Get the entire product lineup for your makeup collection by clicking the images below.

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