Pink Cosmetics

From expensivetastexox:

Pink is a required color in my makeup collection. The items from this image are some of the makeup items I am currently obsessed with. These are my go to items when I need more pink in life. MAC Cosmetics Studio Nail Polishes are favorite nail polishes. Spoonful of Sugar is actually one of favorite pink nail polishes. I layer this nail polish with OPI Mod About You. It gives my manicure the right amount of shimmer. NARS Shimmer Eyeshadows are go to eyeshadows when I want to make a statement with my eyes. These eyeshadows provide a lot of shimmer and with minimal application. After I apply Fathom, I add MAC Cosmetics Pink Venus to add extra sparkle to my makeup look. Fathom (color shown in the image above) is one of my favorite shadows for the spring. See the product list below to purchase these items.

Nail Polish– MAC Cosmetics Studio Nail Polish (Color: Spoonful of Sugar)

Eyeshadow– NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow (Color: Fathom)

Eyeshadow– MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow (Color: Pink Venus)


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