Vintage Flowers Jewelry Boutique

Jewelry Display

I wanted to sell my own jewelry for years. I finally decided to sell my own jewelry through a company called Chloe and Isabel. I am amazed with the quality jewelry options they have on their site. I have selling jewelry online for the past three years. My jewelry business has been very successful and I am interested in branching out and starting my own jewelry line. I have been research various brands and looking into buying exclusive products. If you want to know more about my jewelry line and product information, check out my Vintage Flowers Fashions website.

I happy to bring to you my new items every week from my own boutique. I sell all of my items on Have2Have.It for the moment and I will find another site where I can really showcase my jewelry. I am going to have my popup store called to introduce my jewelry collection called “Pink Sparkle Collection”. Register for the event by clicking here. There are 25 spaces available. There are 10 tickets left. Get your tickets for the event today. They are free!

Sneak peak of the new collection. Check out my Have2Have.It site for more details.

Pink Sparkle Collections


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