Just Picked Flowers

Product Releases

I just released three items on my online store. I have spent so many hours trying to make my store perfect for my Vintage Flowers Girls. I used to have my collection items on Have2Have.It site. I am no longer using that site to sell my products. Taking on the job of designing my own store and stocking my own products has been a difficult job, but I am looking forward to taking on the challenges. With hard work does produce great results. Check out Vintage Flowers Clothing and Accessories Store to purchase new items and more. 

Store Promotion

I will be releasing new products in the store at least twice a week. Signup for a weekly newsletter to get weekly updates on sales, discounts, and new products. I only send the newsletter once a week so I will not crowd your inbox. Signup for the weekly newsletter here.

New Items in Vintage Flowers Clothing & Accessories

Pearl Flower Bracelet

Pearl Hinge Bracelet

Pink Crystal Hinge Bracelet

Pink Sparkle Hinge Bracelet

Tassel Scraf Necklace

Tassel Scarf Necklace




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