About Vintage Flowers Girl


I started this blog to inspire other girls to embrace their femininity and guide them through their style journey. My style has changed over the years, but I believe the essence of your beauty never changes. I am true Vintage Flowers Girl because I believe in the power of being able to take control of your style. All of the fashions shown on this blog are truly represent who I am. I want to share more with you on this blog.

A Vintage Flowers Girl is a woman who wants to express her soft and feminine nature to the world in a major way. She loves vintage prints, clothing, and jewelry from any era. She strong person and owns her craft and beauty. Vintage Flower Girls do not apologize for being woman and being talented at what they do.

I own my own jewelry and clothing boutiques online. I decided to make my own clothing and accessories line because I feel like my sense of fashion is not represented. Using my talents to create my own beauty has been a personal journey. I am finding out about myself more and more. My blog will be filled with exclusive offers and products that will make you become a true Vintage Flowers Girl.