Debi Coules

Lilliana by Debi Coules

Debi Coules have some great paintings and furniture for your apartment. I discovered these paintings on Pinterest. Her work is absolutely stunning. I purchased five painting to put into my living room. I will be purchasing more in the future. When my apartment is done, I will show the finished product on my blog.

You can chose the sizes of the paintings that will fit your needs. You can chose between 8″x 11″ and 11″x 14″. The style is romantic and shabby chic. I thought these paintings would look perfects with my collection. These pictures are simply beautiful and you should definitely make them apart of your collection.

Image 1

English Rose Tutu by Debbi Coules

Morning Meadow Blossoms by Debi Coules

Nanette by Debi Coules