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The Pink Sparkles popup store was a success. The store generated over $800 in sales. Thank you to all of Vintage Flowers Girls who came out to support my popup store. Being able to sell my favorite products online has been a dream of mine. I am more than happy to share my passion with others. I am going to restock these items this week so my girls can get these items in their jewelry collection. I will post when they are restocked in the store so my Vintage Flowers Girls who don’t have them can get purchase them.

Shop Vintage Flowers Clothing and Accessories today. Use coupon code “NEW10” in the checkout to get 10% off your order.

How do I get updates on new items. Being a signup for the Vintage Flowers Clothing and Accessories Newsletter every week to get updates on new products and coupon codes for discounts. Happy Shopping!

Casual Tulle Looks

Tulle Styling

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Shabby Apple has released new tulle dress on their site for spring. I am excited to do some more shopping for these great tulle shirts. They are so in this spring. Tulle skirts have to be accessorized with the right accessories. The tops must be simple because the skirt gives the outfit all of the glamour. The top could be a simple t-shirt or a plain blouse. Styling the tulle skirt with a jeweled belt or a statement necklace. Click the links above to get the look shown in the picture above. Happy Shopping!

Vintage Flower Jewelry Store- NOW OPEN!


Tell your friends! The Vintage Flower Jewelry Store is NOW OPEN! All of my vintage flowers girls have access to exclusive jewelry items on my new website. This will make it even easier to shop for jewelry items from the Vintage Flowers Jewelry Store. Follow my Vintage Flowers Fashion website to get updates on brand new releases from my jewelry store.

The popup on Saturday will allow you to have access to all of the items in the Pink Sparkle Collection. The new collection will not be released until Friday. I hope you enjoy the new products in my store.

New Items Released

Hello Vintage Flowers Girls,

I wanted to let you know that I released new items in my online jewelry boutique. I posted the items on my Vintage Flowers Fashions website. Followers on the Vintage Flowers Fashion site will receive a special discount for the limited edition items. Head over to Vintage Flowers Fashions for your exclusive discount.

Here’s the items. The link to the boutique is posted on New Items Release in Vintage Flowers Fashions post. Happy Shopping!

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Designing a Popup Store Online

Party Backgrounds

One of the most difficult parts of owning an online business is trying to figure out how to get customers to purchase. Popup stores are the hidden secret in terms of making money online. I own my own online jewelry boutique and clothing line. Popup stores allow me to update my styles that I offer and create buzz around my jewelry collection. I am always excited to share my new collections with all of Vintage Flowers Girls. I want to give my Vintage Flowers Girls expert advice in selling their products on line.

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Vintage Flowers Jewelry Boutique

Jewelry Display

I wanted to sell my own jewelry for years. I finally decided to sell my own jewelry through a company called Chloe and Isabel. I am amazed with the quality jewelry options they have on their site. I have selling jewelry online for the past three years. My jewelry business has been very successful and I am interested in branching out and starting my own jewelry line. I have been research various brands and looking into buying exclusive products. If you want to know more about my jewelry line and product information, check out my Vintage Flowers Fashions website.

I happy to bring to you my new items every week from my own boutique. I sell all of my items on Have2Have.It for the moment and I will find another site where I can really showcase my jewelry. I am going to have my popup store called to introduce my jewelry collection called “Pink Sparkle Collection”. Register for the event by clicking here. There are 25 spaces available. There are 10 tickets left. Get your tickets for the event today. They are free!

Sneak peak of the new collection. Check out my Have2Have.It site for more details.

Pink Sparkle Collections