Frends x Baublebar

I am always in the mood to listen to some great music. Every since Beyonce dropped her single “Formation”, I have had headphones on my ears. The quality of the headphones are always a major plus for me. I love to hear the base come through the headphone. The bass is what gives the song so much life and power. I discovered these headphones by Frends a couple of years ago. My first pair of headphones were great. I love the stylish quality of them and they were very sturdy. Baublebar released their partnership with Frends and I automatically jumped to get a pair of new headphones. If you are not familiar with Frends, their headphones can be changed. I know all of my Vintage Flowers Girls love everything they wear to have a bit of elegance and style. Baublebar added some sparkle details to the headphones. Check out the different varieties of styles on their page here. These headphones are $175.99. Baublebar is offering 30% off these headphones for a limited time only. Click the link below.

FRENDS x BaubleBar Fortuna Layla Headphones Set-White

30% Off FRENDS



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