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As a jewelry lover, I am always looking for the latest fashions in the jewelry world. Baublebar is one of the most interesting pieces of jewelry. I absolutely love Baublebar and want to share the latest fashions with my Vintage Flower Girls. Baublebar is an excellent place to get the latest jewelry fashions.

The empire bib necklace is one of my favorite Baublebar items. I purchased this item a couple of weeks ago and I have worn it multiple times. This necklace goes great with a black shirt and jeans for a causal look. The black shirt makes the colors so vibrant and the crystal shine.

Empire Bib

The comet drop earrings are a great statement piece. These earrings are large enough to really show its true elegance. These earrings are perfect for a night out or for a simple casual outfit. There are a number of ways you can dress up these earrings.

Baublebar offers a deal for layered necklaces that is hard to refuse. You can purchase three layered necklaces for $58. Check out the Baublebar site to get this deal. There is a layer necklace that is not included in this deal, but it is still a great option. This necklace has been my go to necklace for weeks. It is a fantastic statement piece. People have been complimenting me on this necklace. This necklace is a must have!

If you spend $50 worth of jewelry, you will receive a free 6/6s case. These cases are amazing. Get yours today!

Alison Cover Up iPhone 6/6s Case


Frends x Baublebar

I am always in the mood to listen to some great music. Every since Beyonce dropped her single “Formation”, I have had headphones on my ears. The quality of the headphones are always a major plus for me. I love to hear the base come through the headphone. The bass is what gives the song so much life and power. I discovered these headphones by Frends a couple of years ago. My first pair of headphones were great. I love the stylish quality of them and they were very sturdy. Baublebar released their partnership with Frends and I automatically jumped to get a pair of new headphones. If you are not familiar with Frends, their headphones can be changed. I know all of my Vintage Flowers Girls love everything they wear to have a bit of elegance and style. Baublebar added some sparkle details to the headphones. Check out the different varieties of styles on their page here. These headphones are $175.99. Baublebar is offering 30% off these headphones for a limited time only. Click the link below.

FRENDS x BaubleBar Fortuna Layla Headphones Set-White

30% Off FRENDS


Dahlia Vintage Sweater Dress

Dahlia Style 1

Sweater Dress (Dahlia), Necklace (Baublebar), Earrings (Baublebar), Purse (Kate Spade)

Dahlia is a London based fashion brand that used vintage inspired clothing. The business is owned by two sisters (Tracy and Leigh) who started off designing clothing. Their brand took off when they decided to open a store in London. The boutique has even more items that are not sold online. If I have an opportunity to visit the boutique, I will definitely make the trip.

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Vintage Flowers Girl Styles: Angie Lu

Angie Lu and BAIT Promotion

 Angie Lu is a small online shop with some great floral print designs based in Australia. The designs are exclusive and are inspired by vintage designs. Her fabrics are luxury. I saw this dress their site thought I needed to purchase it immediately. They offer free international shipping if you pay over $87 USD. I styled the Catherine Dress with Baublebar earrings and necklace to complement the sparkle buttons on the dress. Makeup is Boudoir Eyes  from TooFaced Cosmetics. This makeup palette will add a soft look to the dress with light pink tones in the palette. The shoes are from BAIT, new favorite vintage shoe online store. The light pink and white shoes named Emmie Fair Pink are perfect for this outfit.

Floral Blouses

Floral Blouse Inspiration

In spirit of the spring season, I wanted to start shopping for some floral prints for my floral collection. Spring is my favorite season because brand release floral prints. I found some really great items on Miss Selfridge, Baublebar, and Kate Spade that every vintage flowers girl would love. The inspiration for the look was the Floral Chiffon Shirt I found at Miss Selfridge. The shirt has floral details. This shirt is styled with black ponte pant and black heals with straps. Continue reading