Sweetheart Glaze

These great lip glazes are beautiful. You can layers these on with the Besame lipsticks to give them an extra shine. I will be doing a review on the these items and how to layer them with Besame lipstick collections. Vintage Flowers Clothing and Accessories has a great selection of vintage beauty products for great prices. Get these new lip glazes here.


New Items Released

Hello Vintage Flowers Girls,

I wanted to let you know that I released new items in my online jewelry boutique. I posted the items on my Vintage Flowers Fashions website. Followers on the Vintage Flowers Fashion site will receive a special discount for the limited edition items. Head over to Vintage Flowers Fashions for your exclusive discount.

Here’s the items. The link to the boutique is posted on New Items Release in Vintage Flowers Fashions post. Happy Shopping!

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Floral Blouses

Floral Blouse Inspiration

In spirit of the spring season, I wanted to start shopping for some floral prints for my floral collection. Spring is my favorite season because brand release floral prints. I found some really great items on Miss Selfridge, Baublebar, and Kate Spade that every vintage flowers girl would love. The inspiration for the look was the Floral Chiffon Shirt I found at Miss Selfridge. The shirt has floral details. This shirt is styled with black ponte pant and black heals with straps. Continue reading

Vintage Flowers Jewelry Boutique

Geovista Open Cuff and Geovista Statement Bracelet. Available Now!

Chloe and Isabel jewelry boutique launched a couple of days ago on Have2Have.it. Have2Have.it is a great site where you can link your online store to your Instagram account. I decided to market my jewelry on Have2Have.it because it would be easier for my customers to see my images and the products at the same time. You will also be able to shop my Instagram as well. I setup a new Instagram that will be solely for my jewelry products. Check out my latest favorite jewelry items on my Instagram (@vintageflowersjewelry).

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